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Tech is magic

Hydrogen propulsion

It’s no secret anymore, the world needs to change

In transport, looking after the planet means adopting new propulsion techniques. What could be a more obvious choice than the use of hydrogen to drastically reduce our carbon footprint? SeaBubble has chosen to develop an optimal form of hybridization between a fuel cell and a battery pack lending sustainability, resilience and reactivity to a power system in keeping with the decarbonisation requirements of the maritime world. 


Fuel cell technology is evolving. This revolutionary process generates electricity by bringing together hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules. Through a porous membrane that allows the atoms to come together to form… H2O!


Fuel cell technologies are a promising road to a greener future, but they often require support for the variation in power needs of the vehicle, making a battery/fuel cell hybrid a complete solution. The engineering team at SeaBubble is designing a highly-efficient Power Management System. The biggest challenge being adjusting the on-board energy to the mass of the vessel to make it fly! The hydrogen tanks provide enough energy to run for 2.5 hours before requiring a 4-minute onshore refill, a standard of performance never seen before in the world of electric transport. This feature also helps to preserve the life of the buffer battery pack.