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The SeaBubble

The boat

Lifted by self-stabilising foils and powered by electrical energy generated by a hydrogen fuel cell, the SeaBubble is a real convergence of innovation, the only one of its kind in the world, drawing inspiration from the nautical, automotive and aviation industries.

Synergy of High-tech industries

Aerodynamics and navigation system borrowed from the nautical industry. Interior design and roof inspired by the automotive industry foils originating from the aviation industry. To enter a SeaBubble is to step inside a capsule of innovation. The cabin enables passengers to ride comfortably in all seasons. The foils ensure a feeling of stability unmatched in waterborne transport. 

The interior design and the roof are inspired from the automobile industry. The capsule offers comfort in urban and inter-urban commuting thanks to its cabin, protecting 8 passengers and their hand luggage from the weather changes. A fluid, ecologic and engaged alternative to road transport.

The foils come from the aeronautic industry. The SeaBubble is lifted by a combination of “Inverted T-foils” which insure stability and a sensational navigation. Controlling the phenomena of roll, pitch and yaw is a mechanical science born out of aviation and adapted to the nautical world, offering users a level of comfort that is unmatched in waterborne transport.

The foils reduce wetted surface area, participating in the optimization of the on-board power.

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Technical specifications

Flying mode
Archimedean mode

    Lightship weight: 3.1 t  –  Length overall: 8 m 26 ft  –  Beam overall: 3.5 m 11 ft

    Flying mode 

    Draught: 0.6 m 2 ft  –  Air draught: 3.1 m 10 ft

    Archimedean mode 

    Draught foils up: 1 m 3 ft  –  Draught foils down: 1.9m 6 ft

    Archimedean air draught: 2.1 m 7 ft



    Categories C & D 

    Max Beaufort: Force 4


    Cruising speed: 18 knots (35 km/h)

    Range: 45 nautical miles

    H2 autonomy: 2.5 hours

    Battery autonomy: 20 mins


    Hydrogen: 7.2 to 10 kg at 350 bar

    Engine power: 2 x 45 kW

    Battery capacity: 22 kWh (Lithium-ion NMC)

    Composite fibre hull

    Carbon foils


    H2: onshore

    Fast charging 

    Standard charging


    Fly-by-wire system

    Depth/speed/temperature sensors

    Chart plotter  –  Self-draining cockpit

    Ventilation system, AC, heating

    VHF & AIS Class B

    Forward scan transducer  –  Wiper


    Personalisation exterior design

    Audio system

    High-quality seats

    Window tint