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Our vision

SeaBubbles designs and builds the latest generation craft with the motto “Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emissions” thanks to the combination of an electric propulsion and fully automated hydrofoils.

Zero Emission


At SeaBubbles, we dream of a future where coastal cities breathe and thrive thanks to gentle, green and innovative mobility. Our ambition is to transform urban marine transport into a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution, improving the quality of life in metropolises around the world. The same metropolises that were built on the water’s edge.


Water, an indispensable resource, is essential to the balance of our planet.

By developing innovative, sustainable marine transport solutions, we aim to help protect this vital ecosystem, while promoting a healthier, more sustainable living environment for future generations.
What could be more logical for a city than to make use of the natural infrastructure provided by the waterways that flow through it?


Technological innovation

Drawing on the latest advances in technology and design, our SeaBubbles shuttles offer a unique, fast and silent transport experience, with no CO2 emission or wave generation.

Collaboration and partnership

We believe in the power of collaboration, and partnership with local stakeholders, governments, institutions and businesses to deploy our solutions responsibly and harmoniously.

Education and awareness

We believe that education and awareness-raising are essential for a sustainable future. That’s why we are committed to promoting good environmental practices and sharing our knowledge to encourage collective awareness.


SeaBubbles aims to position itself as a major player in green urban transport, by expanding its presence worldwide and creating synergies between different modes of transport. Together, let’s sail towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Meet SeaBubbles

A passionate team with an innovative, creative and sustainable vision!

Our team is made up of talents from different fields, such as engineering, naval operations and sustainable development, working together to push back the frontiers of technology and its usefulness.